Roggert Nyundu was loaned out from Polokwane City to Black Leopards in January 2015. I would like to believe that when a player is loaned out, it is on the basis of trust between the two clubs. Let me try contextualize it.  When I ask a friend on the basis of a particular need and trust to ferry my woman or house her for a month because of my friend being ill and my woman having the capacity to help him heal, instead of using the services at his disposal he ends up marrying my wife behind my back, having being privy to my own affairs.

This is what actually happened between Black Leopards and Roggert Nyundu. Maybe what we need to ask is why Black Leopards waited for so long and only ran to the PSL today, upon hearing the news that SAFPU has won a case for the player and the player is now a free agent. They kept quite because they knew from the onset that theirs was wrong and were not entitled to signing the player.

According to the “contract” of the player, he still had two seasons to run. How is it possible that Black Leopards, who are bound by NSL and FIFA rules, signed a contract with the player outside the normal agreed time of six months? We are indeed not surprised by the contestation by Black Leopards that they agreed with Polokwane City when signing Nyundu in February, neither do we expect Polokwane City to come out in defence of the player by telling the truth. However, the events around this matter support our point that more than trying to make money out of Nyundu, Black Leopards is determined to destroy this player for they see nothing but an object that can be sold for cash without giving any consideration to the contribution he made to the club last season.

The claim by Black Leopards that they agreed, in February 2015, with Polokwane City is not only laughable but the worst lie that needs to be exposed for what it is. When Black Leopards signed a contract with Nyundu, they did so behind Polokwane City’s back. At that point, they knew that he had a “two year contract” with Polokwane City, yet they signed him. Not only did they betray the trust Polokwane City had in them, but they acted outside the FIFA regulation of concluding a contract with a player outside the six months period allowed to do so. We hope that the PSL and/or SAFA will investigate this transgression by one of theirs and bring them to book.

It is common knowledge that when the story of Roggert broke, Black Leopards kept quiet and hid the “contract signed with the player”. They waited for the union to get the player free agency and then ran to the PSL. The question that needs to be answered is why did Black Leopard wait for so long if there was an agreement already?

Why did Black Leopards, through Chifiwe, call the union in July to request the union to convince the player to go back to Polokwane and apologize? Why did Polokwane City FC call the player to report for work and inform them of anyone who was interested in him? Why did Black Leopards not pay the player’s salary at the end of July? Why did they ask for postponement of the case, which was granted, hence the case being heard 2 days later instead of the 4th August 2015? Why did Black Leopards wait until the player was declared a free agent and only then ran to the PSL to register the player if they had already agreed with Polokwane City in February?

This is what we call immoral opportunism by someone who is hell-bent to destroying the life and career of a player by using underhand tactics which include misleading the public and acting contrary to the rules and regulations that govern this beautiful game. We call on all players to reject this kind of exploitation and expose anyone who practices such. We are going to take this matter up as the organization and expose these unfortunate, sad, filthy, desperate attempts of making money out of this young man. We also call for sanity on the part of Black Leopards to prevail and do the honourable thing by allowing Roggert Nyundu, rightfully so, the opportunity to further his career.

The contract that Nyundu signed with Black Leopards cannot be legal since it was signed outside the FIFA stipulated six months period. And, by the way, we have no reason to doubt that Nyundu signed on the basis that the team would gain promotion, just like Abubaka Mubarak was made to sign. We must say though that the only difference between the two is that Mubarak had it in black and white, whilst Nyundu’s agreement was a verbal one. Notorious as they are, Black Leopards, regardless of the clear terms, do not want to give Mubarak his clearance.

Even if Roggert Nyundu was to go back to Black Leopards, forcefully so or otherwise, that would not change the fact that there was immoral opportunism on the part of Black Leopards by signing a player who had “two years” remaining on his “contract.”