After months of unpaid salaries the Jomo Cosmos players called upon the South African football Players Union to intervene with the hope that they will resolve the matter as the players frustrations grew day by day. Upon arrival the Jomo Cosmos Securities were ordered by the Club Owner and the Coach Jomo Sono to lock the gates and prevent the SAFPU officials from entering the training Premises. This was done to prevent the Union officials who were on a fact finding mission from interacting with the players with the aim of understanding the depth of the situation and how to best advice the members with the intention of resolving the quagmire the players found themselves in.

These actions demonstrated how some club bosses disregard the efforts displayed by the players and these sickening acts takes place to prevent the players from being conscientized about their rights. However knowing that SAFPU is a Militant, uncompromising and  a radical Union in its nature the Leadership present on the day remained resilient and soldiered on because they are mandate driven therefore they exist to defend and protect the rights of the players which is their first and foremost objective. They engaged lengthy with the players across the palisade fencing thereafter the players resolved to boycott training until their issues were resolved. The meeting was a huge success and the players refused to be subjected to slave treatment as their rights were continuously infringed upon which disgustingly proved that Jomo Cosmos as strange as it sounds aspires to create the 21st Century Slaves in football which is a sickness that must be eradicated with the utmost urgency in our beautiful game.

Some players were not paid their full salaries for up to a year and some had gone up to 6(six) months without receiving a cent and the least hit were in the region of 3(Three) months without receiving their salaries. It was also discovered that Jomo Sono does not pay his playersโ€™ their salaries for the June month (off season) claiming that he cannot pay them when they didnโ€™t work which is something thatโ€™s unheard of in football. The players were left damaged because of this circus to an extent that some of them  for failure to pay rent were evicted from their apartments with their families because they were months in arrears, Debit orders bounced which affected the players credit status for credit worthiness should they want to obtain properties in future and other business ventures. So bad is the situation that some of our members had their cars repossessed and even their investments were cut short because of continuous defaults.

After our intervention some players like King Ndlovu were given their clearances others had their cases referred to the national dispute resolution Chamber while they secured employment elsewhere. We terminated 2 contracts with just cause for Siphenathi laqwela who is now plying his trade at TS Galaxy (NFD) and Clifford Mulenga who is Zambian born and his case has been referred to the FIFA DRC to claim the balance of his contract. Both these players left as free agents and we obtained their clearances. In the previous season we managed to recover monies for Sibusiso Mndamba, Mahabo Paako and Thabang Mokoena among others for outstanding Salaries and unfair termination of their contracts respectively at Jomo Cosmos.