Know more about health

Medical Information

Medical Examination

In line with the international standards,your club must conduct medical examinations(especially cardiac screening) before the start of each session.


Always remind your doctor that you are subjected to anti-doping regulations. Only take prescribed medication by your doctor. Always ensure that the medication you are taking does not contain banned substances.

Medical Records & Reports

Your club must seek your consent before obtaining and retaining your medical records viz injuries, illnesses, physical condition,diagnostic tests, medical advises and treatments.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is a condition that reflects a particular mental or emotional state. It affects a person’s thought processes, feeling, mood and can have detrimental effect on their work and social life. never judge anyone suffering fro this type of condition. Listen to them, try to talk about other things, remind them that you are there for them if they might need you and most of all, be patient with such kind.



Doping is cheating and it is also bad for your health. Never take dietery supplement unless you are 100% confident that it does not contain banned substances. The so-called “recreational” drugs such as “Marijuana and Cocaine,” these are harmful to your health and carrer.

Sportsman’s Diet


Costume carbohydrate-rich meals(pasta,rice etc) everyday to prepare your body for training and competition. Your most important meal is your evening meal the day before match.

A typical pre-match meal will include 80-120g of pasta or rice with sauce and vegetables(meat can can be left out altogether or included in small quantities).


You should drink about 2 liters of water per day. During a match or training session, drink about 2-3 glasses of chilled water or equivalent hydration drinks every 15-20 minutes.

Allow at least 4-5 hours to digest after a large course of meal or 2-3 hours following a lighter meal. A typical post-match snack could include a cereal bar, yogurt and banana.

Keeping body trim Fit

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