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Thulani Lubisi And Jomo Cosmos Battle It Out At The Labour Court

Thulani Lubisi And Jomo Cosmos Battle It Out At The Labour Court

Thulani Lubisi’s case against his former team, Jomo Cosmos, was thrown out of the PSL DRC because the player was registered with the PSL at the time coach Jomo Sono assaulted him and ordered him to leave his club. The incident took place at the Jomo Cosmos training...

The Transfer System

The Transfer System

Transfer of Clubs. Matter: Roses United FC. The National Soccer League (NSL) was informed by SAFPU about a possible sale of a club in the National First Division (“NFD”) and furthermore that there are various disputes outstanding with the club, therefore the Executive...

New Rules On Status and Transfer of Players

New Rules On Status and Transfer of Players

New rules on the status and transfer of players were passed on 1 April 2015. These talk about the 3% intermediaries (agents) must charge when representing a player. They also focus on what happens when a player is loaned or a contract is terminated and when monies are...

The Under 23 Rule

The Under 23 Rule

By way of introduction to the issue: Some years ago the League introduced certain rules, which created differences between the premier and first divisions. The main one – which I want to discuss here – was the so-called under 23 Rule. You will find that rule set out...

SAFPU signs Collective Bargaining agreement with PSL.

SAFPU signs Collective Bargaining agreement with PSL.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement The signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between South African Football Players Union (SAFPU) and the Premier Soccer League (PSL) on the 28th March 2012 is a mammoth, hard-fought and joyful milestone for SAFPU.  This...

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Your Rugby World Cup 2019 champions, @Springboks!

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2007 #WebbEllisCup
2019 #WebbEllisCup

#RWC2019 #RWCFinal

57 million South Africans are fully behind the bokke.

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We are joined in studio by @SAFPU_Official president Thulaganyo Gaoshobelwe to explore the topic of 'Players Insurance'.

#MSW #SoccerNight

President Addressing the stakeholder engagement conference in ASIA KL, deliberating on the cooperation agreement between CAF and FIFPro Africa, focusing on stakeholder engagement through the legal framework, new approach to good governance in Asian football, Importance of CBA


The President of SAFPU live on Soccer Africa talking about Racism in football and also challenges that Africa face most importantly his role as a board member @FIFProAfrica shaping football in africa, advocating for players rights that must be respected and calling for change ✊🏿

SAFPU&Cape Town City players adding their voices in condemning all sorts of abuse&brutality, driven by recent events demonstrated in S.A&other parts of Africa which are heart breaking and against humanity in all form #SayNoToXenophobiaAttacks #stopkillingourwomen @FIFProAfrica

Self hate&inferiority complex is when Africans turn against each other&use violence as a tool for communication. Steve Biko said “the potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. We condemn Xenophobia&we call for Unity in Africa #SayNoToXenophobia

Sending our Heartfelt deepest condolences to the Kekana family after waking up to the sad news of the passing of David Kekana. May his soul rest in eternal peace and we wish for strength and unity within the family through these trying times as we keep them in our prayers 💔🙏🏾

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